Lot Partition Study # 2

Concept Design and Land Use Planning

This case study was envisioned to take a unique look at partitioning of a lot on an infill site to increase site density. This study builds from Lot Partition Study #1 by providing an additional 12.5-ft of lot width to each lot. While not as common as the 50’x100′ lots found throughout Portland, there are a number of sites located in North Portland with this unique geometry. The objectives remain the same, to provide a cost-effective 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with open living floor plans, a single car garage, and integration of indoor/outdoor living demands. The additional lot width allows for proposed housing to increase in width providing a more desirable volume for circulation space and individual bedrooms. In this study, it was feasible to remove the 3rd level master suite potentially reducing costs of construction significantly through reductions in siding surface areas, foundation sizes, and framing materials/hardware. A rooftop patio was pursued in which the movements of the roofline serve a secondary purpose as the guardrail for the rooftop terrace.

Lot Size :

75′ x 100′

Project Team :

Abbasi Design Works

Special Features :

Expansion of indoor living space to exterior partially enclosed private outdoor spaces,
Material systems: conventional wood framing

Material Systems :

Client :