Interior Design, Lighting Design, Project Management, Space Programming, material sourcing, and gc/subcontractor coordination

The owners of Compass Coffee engaged Abbasi Design Works in search of creating a unique interior environment that would balance the flow of patrons through the space, location of retail products, and provide a unique aesthetic. Of particular importance to the owners was the operations of the behind the counter staffing to create stations of movement without impacting the flow of patrons as they acquired their drinks/food items. Working intimately with the owners to understand their vision for operations, ADW devised a space layout that would provide the operational needs and also create a unique visual impact upon first entering the space. To balance the variety of patrons, allocation of spaces to long-term and short-term seating was a primary element to the space program resulting in a long central communal table, private tables for parties of 2 located away from the movement of patrons, standing counters for on-the-go, and a laptop bar with access to electrical connections for remote office patrons. Lighting selection was influenced by the visual impacts desired and the allocation of spaces. A central chandelier designed by ADW and custom built by the owners highlights the communal table. A cantilevered soffit overhangs the coffee creation counter and is angled to match the angle of the exterior signage to express the importance of the Compass to the owners.

Location :

 817 Washington Street, Vancouver, WA

Project Team :

Abbasi Design Works

Special Features :

black walnut counter, hanging soffit, shelving design, curved coffee bar

Material Systems :

porcelain tile, black walnut, quartz, reclaimed Douglas fir, and cast iron

Client :

Compass Coffee Roasting