SW 25th House

Production & construction documents and Civil and Structural Engineering

Located in the secluded SW hills of Portland, this unique 2-story home with finished daylight basement, contains 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms,
as well as a semi-detached 2 car garage connected to the main house via a covered breezeway. The design engaged the existing site topography to minimize excavation and to capture space for the daylight basement which connects living space to the outdoor environment. The main level is situated within a few steps of final grades and incorporates an open floor plan where the kitchen, living and dining space all share a common volume with clear spans and minimal exposed framing. The living space volume is magnified by a double height vaulted ceiling overlooked by the corridor to the upstairs bedrooms.

Location :

10800 SW 25th Ave, Portland Oregon

Project Team :

Concept/Project Design: Sean Cho; Production/Construction Documents: Abbasi Design Works, Structural and Civil Engineering: Abbasi Design Works; General Contractor: Hudson Homes

Special Features :

Building contains a number of cantilevered overhangs, which made for a very unique and challenging structural design.

Material Systems :

conventional framed wood with partial daylight basement, fiber cement and wood board cladding, steel and cable handrails

Client :

H. Hudson Homes