The Blue Ox Apartments

land use planning, space programming, architecture, structural and civil engineering, project management, and interior design

Named after Paul Bunyan’s mythical OX compatriate, the Blue Ox Apartments will offer 20 space efficient for rent units at one of the busiest MAX stops along the Yellow Line. Unlike traditional apartments, the Blue Ox focuses access to ambient environment to the east and west with extensive glazing and a centrally located communal atrium space. The exterior material pallets was selected to engage directly with the fact that buildings age along with the people who reside within. The individual volumes of the building were designed to express the wood burning process utilized in creating Shou sugi ban cladding. The steel siding represents the ideal environment for burning the wood while the corten expresses the oxidation that occurs when water is flash applied to stop the burning of the wood as it exits the kiln. Building from personal childhood experiences of the designer and modernist concepts about indoor/outdoor space connections, the atrium was designed with regards to spatial proportions and protection from the environment to encourage commune between residents. Window configuration within the southern facade was selected to impact the movement of light within the interior spaces and to guide views from the interior away from the rooftop of the adjacent gas station.

Location :

7532 N. Interstate Portland Or

Project Team :

A/E: Abbasi Design Works; MEP: Interface Engineering; General Contractor: Rainier Pacific: Developer: Lift Development

Special Features :

atrium communal space, vegetated roof, living wall,

Material Systems :

light-framed wood, steel, and masonry, corten steel cladding, lap metal siding, and Shou sugi ban

Client :

7532 N Interstate LLC